100 Rooms

100 Rooms was made during the Game Dev Knight’s Spooky Game Jam at UCF. My team and I worked hard to create an unnerving environment with competent monster AI. I spent most of my time managing our team, making sure that every member of the team understood what they were working on and why. Early on, I created the level prototype. This enabled the artists to understand the environment they were modelling for and let programmers work on scripting. I learned a lot about leading a small team in this project, and had the opportunity to help teach some less experienced students new tools.

  • 1st Person, 3D Horro Game
  • Created in 48 hours Game Dev Knights Spooky Game Jam
  • Designed and created level prototype
  • Coordinated responsibilities among team members
  • 6-Person Team
  • Continued solo work after game jam.


Full Gameplay Video