This was a simple level created based on the theme of Entropy. To achieve this theme, I came up with the idea of a journey into madness from someone entering a hospital. My main goal with this level was to create a level with a strong sense of emotion through the level design and environment. I achieved this by repeating the same room, making it slightly more chaotic each new time it is encountered. Additionally, platforming rooms signified by smoky walls and blocky geometry convey the ethereal space of the player’s mind.

The most important lessons learned from constructing this level were the importance of early testing for length and maintaining a reasonable scope. The original design document planned for more complicated systems than are present in the final level. Unfortunately, these systems were cut so I could focus more on the level design, atmosphere, and platforming puzzles. Additionally, the level wasn’t as lengthy as initially desired since length wasn’t properly tested in the whitebox phase. Moving forwards, I will be certain to test level length constantly, and reevaluate scope at each phase of production.

  • 1st Person, 3D Level
  • Over 1300 views, and 500 downloads on
  • 9 Let’s Plays on YouTube
  • Concept based on theme of Entropy
  • 2-4 minute experience
  • Created 5-page Level Design Document for level
  • Created initial level whitebox using BSP

Gameplay Video:

Original Documentation